Single Hung Windows in Alexandria, VA

A single hung window is a window style that features a bottom panel, called a sash, that goes up and down vertically and an upper panel that remains fixed.

 When the window is open, the bottom panel covers the upper panel and is one of one of the most basic window types readily available on the market. They are also considered the standard window option for brand-new homes, restorations, and retrofits. This kind of window is also energy effective, making it a terrific cost-effective option.

All types of windows are built to withstand decades of use. Because there are fewer moving parts, the installation of single hung windows should last for several years. Even if repairs or part replacements are required along the way, they will most likely be concentrated in the bottom sash. A single-hung window has fewer moving parts due to its simplicity. Because the upper sash of a single-hung window will remain stationary for the duration of its life, no hardware is required on it. That means that only the system that moves the bottom sash up and down is required.

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