Awning Windows
in Alexandria, VA

Awning windows by Alexandria Windows & Doors provide extraordinary efficiency for an economical rate.

This type of window hinges at the top of the frame, allowing the bottom to be pressed outside. There is a lock on the interior, which can be unlocked and the window will press to the exterior. They are style of house windows that bring remarkable benefits to your space. Awning windows supply great ventilation, ease of operation, and an excellent view outside

Awning windows share some of the exact same functions as casement windows, such as the curved folding handle which you turn to operate the window, and the option to combine systems to develop an extensive window wall in a main frame. Awning windows look excellent topped by a repaired transom. They operate on a hinge and can be made as a function or repaired window. This design of window replacement is normally utilized in locations such as basements, or other locations that might require additional ventilation consisting of restrooms.
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