Double Hung Windows in Alexandria, VA

If you are looking for a window with decent ventilation that is easy to open and easy to fit with an air conditioner, this is a strong choice.

Because of their standard shape and configuration, double-hung windows have been used on a wide range of home designs, from Colonial to Craftsman, and blend beautifully with almost any house visual you can think of. Many double-hung windows function a tilt-in function that enables both of the sashes to open inward.

You can get them in vinyl, wood, or metal frames and they are simple to change and tidy. The distinction between double-hung and single-hung windows is easy. A double-hung window is able to operate from either the top or bottom area of glass, while a single-hung window is just able to operate from the bottom area. Double-hung windows give you the chance to open just the leading portion of the window. This can be excellent to assist the cross ventilation in the home and to decrease your energy costs.

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