Bow Windows
in Alexandria, VA

Bow windows are a lovely addition to any house, but their visual worth isn't the only reason to think about including them during a remodel.

Alexandria Windows & Doors can provide this gorgeous and functional window fixture. It features some benefits you might not have actually even considered. A bow window's structure is curved, developing a rounded appearance on the exterior of the home.

In addition, they're making heating and cooling more effective. When taking all these factors into effect, bow windows can have a favorable effect on the resale value of your house. When the majority of people think about bow windows, they consider the nearly panoramic views that bring the beauty of the outdoors into the home. Made up of 3 to 6 even areas of window panes, these windows require to be custom-fabricated to satisfy the dimensions of the window you want. From the outdoors, they present an elegant look, and from the inside, they can enhance any view of the outdoors.
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